Snooker & Pool Table Services

Re-covering service

We supply and fit only the best quality cloths to Snooker and Pool tables

Re-rubbering of Snooker Tables

Improve the playing condition of your Table by fitting the No.1 cushion rubber, Northern rubber. The poocket openings cut to Match size or size of your requirements.

Cushion Woodwork

A major improvement to a Snooker Table. The table top will have a new appearence with new Mahogany Cushion Woodwork. These are UK manufactured,polished and fitted to your existing table complete with Northern Rubber and Match Pocket Plates.

Alternatively, have your table converted to Match Steel Block Cushions complete with new steel, new Match Mahogany cushion freezers, Northern Rubber and Match Pocket Plates.

Re-furbishment Service

Have your Club or Home table brought up to new appearance by having the frame and cushions re-polished. The frame and cushions or cushions only would be removed,stripped to whites of wood and totally re-polished to give a new appearance.

Rental Service

We supply Snooker and Pool Tables on a rental basis to social clubs and public houses.

We also have a new Exhibition Table which can be supplied of a special night or weekend.

Pool Table Sales